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The doctoral programs that are suitable that are offered at the University of Helsinki are, for instance: In the field of mathematics it is it is the MSc thesis is usually completed with the guidance of an instructor or professor in the department. Other doctoral programs where the use of statistics and mathematics is made for example: However, often, the thesis is written outside of the department.1 The student life, and particularly the culture of student organisations is extremely varied and rich in Finland.

In the field of statistics it is there is a requirement that the MSc thesis is typically completed outside of the department, like at a research institute run by the government or research groups located at the campuses of universities.1 In addition, in the University of Helsinki, more than 250 student organizations are part of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) , that range from subject and faculty organizations to political and social organizations, from orchestras and choirs to game and sports clubs. You can learn more about the various thesis topics by using the database of thesis.1 They organize anniversary celebrations and academic dinner parties and cultural events, gatherings and outings. Supervision of thesis written by someone outside of the department is normally conducted in collaboration with researchers in the research group, as well as the teacher or professor of the department.1 As a student member of the Student Union (HYY), you have access to a variety of advantages and benefits . In the Master’s programme for Mathematics and Statistics In the Master’s Programme in Mathematics and Statistics, you’ll have your own teacher who will help you in establishing your own study plan from the start in your study.1 For instance, you can get cheap student housing, affordable food and sports facilities, and meals for students . After you’ve completed your studies and it is time to plan your Master’s thesis, your teacher you have chosen will assist to find the right supervisor.

There are also discounts available like on the cost of public transport throughout the country.1 The international character of the program can be implemented in various ways: Learn more about the student experience, benefits and services while studying in Helsinki’s University of Helsinki. Research in those disciplines within the programme of study is a high international quality and is highly respected.1 Are you unsure about your studies or life as a student?

Find answers to your questions through talking directly to University of Helsinki students. Teaching personnel and collaboration in research within the programme are from all over the world. Talk to our university students!

The atmosphere of the degree programme is global, with many international students are admitted each year.1 Enjoy the spirit that marks the 150th year anniversary of The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY150). Theses and research projects can be undertaken as part of international research projects. Are you having trouble understanding some of the words? Get the mathematical dictionary in Finnish designed for mathematicians written by Jussi Vaisala.1 There are also opportunities for an exchange program with students at several universities overseas. Structure of the programme Study tracks, specializations, and structure Master’s thesis topics : Applied maths – applied analysis mathematics – financial and insurance mathematics Mathematical modelling in applied mathematics Mathematics of applied imaging Probabilistic modelling in applied mathematics applied mathematics – stochastics Mathematical Analysis – Geometry algebra and topology Mathematical logic – statistical physics, mathematical physics Statistics Social statistics Social statistics.1

The programme is closely with other programs of the University of Helsinki relating to statistics and mathematics including: P.O. Within the JOO program, it’s possible to attend classes at e.g. Box 4 (Yliopistonkatu 3) 00014 University of Helsinki Switchboard: +358 (0) 2941 911 (mobile call cost / local network charge) Aalto University and Hanken School of Economics in addition to with different Finnish universities.1 The collaboration also includes several corporate partners in diverse initiatives. Maths is a subject that I am studying.

When you have completed the Master’s degree program After that, you are eligible to pursue a doctoral degree in Helsinki University or the University of Helsinki or other international universities.1 A few of the most brilliant statisticians and mathematicians of this world are your professors. Doctoral programmes that can be arranged for doctoral studies at University of Helsinki are, for instance: Studying in the master’s Programme for Mathematics as well as Statistics will allow you to enter the exciting world of modern science.1 Other doctoral programs in which maths and statistics are employed include: It will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed for the applications of mathematics and statistics. Student life and , in particular, the culture of the student organization is incredibly vibrant and varied in Finland.1 The graduates of this programme can have jobs as teachers, researchers and in high-demand expert positions within the private and public sector in Finland and around the world.

Additionally, on the University of Helsinki, more than 250 student associations operate in the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) , comprising faculty and subject organizations to political and social organizations, as well as from orchestras and choirs, to game and sports clubs.1 The Master’s degree program includes courses in applied maths, and statistics. The activities they organize include anniversary celebrations as well as academic dinners as well as cultural events, social gatherings and trips.

The courses consist of lecture and group instruction and exercises, literature and workshops.1 As a member of the Student Union (HYY) and a student of the Student Union (HYY), you can enjoy a range of privileges and amenities .